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copyright Above the Mark (c) 2012


Art by Melanie Allen

Stamps Used:
  • 15008 E    Dancer from back view
  • 19001J      French handwriting
Stamps Used:
  • 18001J    Galileo paper
  • 20002G  Sonne System

Stamps Used:

  • 10003E   Looking lady

  • 16004J    Postal Background

  • 18001J    French handwriting

  • 19001J    Galileo paper

  • 19005G   Medium Postcard

Stamps Used:

  • 20002G Planetary Chart

  • 22008G Small Text

  • 19006G Large Text

Stamps Used:
  • 13009 A key with 3 holes

  • 13010 A key with round hole

  • 14002 A key with 4 holes

  • 18005 I  large clock

  • 19002 E large key

  • 21010 A small clock with multi dials

  • 21011 A small clock


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